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Metals and Chemicals Department

Metals and Chemicals Department deals with many kinds of raw materials and raw powders for a wide range of industries and fields such as Hard Metal, Powder Metallurgy (PM), Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Soft Magnetic, Pigment, Catalyst, Hard-facing, Brazing, Welding, Casting, 3D printing, Super engineering plastic, Vapor deposition, and Rare earth metal.

Hard Metal, Powder Metallurgy (PM), and Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

We supply various raw powders such as Metal Carbide, Metal Nitride, Composite Carbide (Solid Solution), Cobalt, Carbonyl Nickel, Nickel Alloy, Carbonyl Iron, Iron Alloy, Stainless Steel, Copper and Copper Alloy for applications of Cemented carbide tools, Diamond tools, Cermet tools, PM and MIM.

Soft Magnetic, Pigment and Catalyst

We supply Powder Core, and Carbonyl Iron powder and various Iron Alloy powders by water or gas atomization for Soft Magnetic application. And we are a leading supplier of Copper powder, Copper Alloy powder, atomized Aluminum powder and atomized Aluminum Alloy powder for catalyst, pigment and paste.

Hard-facing, Brazing and Welding

We offer various materials in the form of powders, wires, rods and pastes for Hard-facing and Brazing, ex. WC/CrC Cermet, Ceramics, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, Cobalt Alloy and MCrAlY for Thermal Spraying, PTA and Laser Cladding, and Copper, Copper Alloy and Nickel Alloy filler metal for Brazing. And we supply Aluminum-Oxide-Dispersion- Strength-Copper (ODSC) for welding electrode and electrical contact material.

Casting, 3D printing, Super engineering plastic

We supply Ceramic Foam Filters for many cast shops of Aluminum and Copper, and Steel Gas-Vents by MIM for many aluminum foundries. And we supply mainly atomized Aluminum Alloy powders for 3D printing, and PEKK (Poly Ether Ketone Ketone) for Super engineering plastic