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Machinery Department

Machinery Department deals with various machines in the field of research and development. Our products cover a wide range of fields, such as electron microscopy, material cutting, etc. We will contribute to industrial growth while providing leading-edge machines in Japan.

Sample preparation instruments for electron microscope

We offer innovative sample preparation instruments for TEM and SEM use. You can get ideal samples without amorphous and artifact by using our preparation instruments. We can also give you a series of procedures for sample preparation based on our long experience.

Diamond wire and wire saw

You can realize clean and easy cuttings of various materials, such as silicon, sapphire and ceramics, by using diamond wire. One of our advantages is that we are handling both wire and wire saw. We are sure that we could offer the optimal solutions to cuttings of your materials through our total support.

Electric Fusion Machine for XRF analyzers

We offer Electric Fusion Machine solutions, for XRF and ICP sample preparation by borate fusion. When it comes to choosing the right fusion machine for your application there are a number of questions you need to think about but we are happy to help you to choose the best fusion machine.

Raman Microscope

We offer a low cost and high quality Raman micro-spectrometer, the uRaman, that easily competes with industry-standard systems. We can also quickly customize and add features for specific experiments with essentially zero downtime.