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Electronic Materials & Components Department

Electronic Materials & Components Department is speciality for wide variety of advanced and leading-edge materials and components for Nano Technology, Nitrides and Widegap Semiconductors, Fuel Cell Technology, Sputtering Target and Evaporation Materials, Specialty Inorganic Chemicals, High Reliability Packaging, Thick Film Technology, Microwave Technology, Solid-State Lasers, Infrared Material and Optics, Flash Lamps, Superconductor etc.

Graphen, Carbon Nanotubes, Nano Amando, Nano Porous Carbon etc

We are the leading supplier of nano materials, from research grade to production levels, covering wide range of products. We represent top manufacturers worldwide on the basis of our wide customer base and strong connections with scientists and researchers in Japan.

Carbon Paper and Carbon Cloth for Fuel Cell

We are supplying various materials for Fuel Cell application such as Carbon paper and Carbon cloth by AvCarb Material Solutions.

Rogers Corporation, High Frequency Laminates and High Thermal Conductive Laminates

We are supplying High Frequency Laminates by Rogers Corporation, which are low insertion loss and designed for exacting strip line, microstrip circuit and microwave antenna applications at high frequency market. High Thermal Conductive Laminates are for Power Electronics market.

Laser rods , Flash lamp, Pumping Chamber, Reflector, Filter, Optics, AO/EO Q-switch

We are supplying Laser rods ,Flash lamp, Pumping chamber, Reflector, Filter, each Optics and AO/EO Q-switch for Solid State Laser systems. We also supply Compact Solid State Lasers.

Nitrides and Widegap Semiconductors

We are supplying Sapphire, SiC, GaN, AlN, Diamond etc of Widegap Semiconductor materials and the related.

Sputtering Target, Evaporation materials, High Reliability Packaging

We are supplying Sputtering Target and Evaporation materials for Magnetic Data Storage, CIGS Solar Cell, ASIC, LEDs, UBM/RDL, Low-e glass, AuSn Preform in huge volume, specialized high reliable products, customized packaging solutions and design for MEMS/Medical etc.

Thick Film Technology

We are supplying spherical low-cost or high-valued Cu powder and other essential elements for thick film paste technology.

Infrared Material and Optics

We are supplying quality Germanium crystal blank for infrared application and custom Beryllium galvano mirror for 10.2 micron wavelength.